Hair Extensions - Pre Bonded

Have you longed for long hair but got fed up waiting for it to grow?

Women love the luxury and allure of long flowing locks, yet many do not have the length, volume or patience to grow their hair. With the help of hair extensions, this dream can in fact become reality. After all, why shouldn’t your clients have the dazzling length and volume they’ve always wanted? Demonstrating the effectiveness of hair extensions, the dynamic design team at Cinderella Hair offers an exciting new collection to tempt your lengthy desires.

With a wide variety of colours, textures and styles available, the hair is flexible and gives a natural looking extension. It comes in bundles of 25 strands with the special bonding agent already on the tip. Cinderella Hair extensions can last up to 3 months and are easy to rake out with the specially formulated bond remover.

Protein Moulded Bonds
Why is the Cinderella Hair Extension System different from others? We use PMB, which is exclusive to Cinderella Hair.

  • We do not use glue sticks on our extensions. We only use protein-moulded bonds.
  • What is PMB? Our PMB is a protein-moulded bond. It is the PMB that is attached to your client’s hair.
  • Seeing that the bond is made from protein (which is organic), it surrounds the client’s hair in organic materials that are healthy for the hair and not harmful as some glues are.
  • PMB does not burn fingers and it DOES NOT DRIP. Therefore no blisters, and no mess.
  • Our PMB is easy to apply, and easy to remove using our special Cinderella Hair remover.

  • Half Head of hair extensions start from                       £190                                              

    Full head of hair extensions start from                        £305