Specialised Treatments

Air Brushing Tattoos                                                                                                                            £4.00+ Air brushing tattoos:- suitable for the young to the old. These simple small tattoos are sprayed onto the body. They are as effective as a real tattoo, but with less pain & hassle. You can't even tell the difference. It's great for fooling your friends or just for that night out.  

Air brushed Nail Designs                                                                                                                    £10.00+ This specialised form of nail art will let you go wild and crazy. We can do anything from animal prints ro sunsets over the beeches & palm trees. what ever you would like we will try  

Tooth Jewels                                                                                                                                          £10.00 These semi-permanent tooth jewels are available in 7 colours. They are attached to the teeth with a simple dental glue. This glue does not harm the teeth when coming off. The procedure is not painful & only takes minuts to do. The jewels can last anything from 1 week to 1 year, depending on how well it is looked after.           

Body Piercing :-All piercing is carried out in a total sterlie environment. All needles are disposed of after every use. Titanium jewellery is used in all piercing as this is a nickel free metal. All piercing jewellery is recommended to be kept in place for the first 8 weeks of healing. All customers have to show some form of ID. e.g. Driving Licence or passport. Even when signing as parent or guardian.

Ear Piercing                          £6.00                      9ct gold                    £20.00

Tragus / Rook                       £15.00

Eyebrow hoop                      £20.00                    Bar                             £22.00

Nose crystal                         £12.00

Lip hoop                                £25.00                     Bar                             £30.00

Nipple hoop                          £25.00                     Bar                             £30.00(Over 18's only)

Tongue Bar                          £30.00 OVER 18S ONLY!

Navel Hoop hoop                £25.00                       Bar                            £35.00