Body Treatments 

Universal Contour Wrap:- 90mins  £55 / Block of 3 treatments :-£140

Universal Contour Body wrap CLASSIC ELITE is the new advacned & completely unique treatment from Universal Contour wrap that combines Classic's inch loss wrap with muscle toning and shaping in just one simple treatmnet. Through the new "UCW Chrysalis" machine, which combines electrical muscle stimulation and thermal heat, the classic elite treatment alows for improved inch loss in faster time, while also offering a more pleasurable, realzing treatment than the original Classic Treatment alone. Currently customers have been losing 10"+ in every treatment they have recieved.

Spa Mediterranean

The Mediterranean region is defined as a land of tranquillity,symbol of life, richness and wisdom. Several species of plants and shrubs make up the Mediterranean vegetation. It's penetrating aromas, it's sensational textures and colours and skin care properties, make it a natural source of well being.

Turkish Delight:- 60mins £40

A completely indulgent treatment that is based on saffron with specialised massage rituals using silks and gentle bottle body stretches.

Mediterranean Light -75 minutes £48

A luxurious body massage treatment, which commences with an application of harmony sublime stones. These unique warm hand made "stones" are applied to the Chakra energy points to induce relaxation and create a sense of harmony. During this time the Mediterranean light candle is burned. emitting a wonderful fragrance of soothing lavender and Mandarin. The warm wax from the candle is then poured over the body with a prolonged body massage to ease tension and relax the mind.

Treats from Nature-75 mins- £50

 A deeply exfoliating body polish using Essence of the Mediterranean Scrub with Olive stone and Grape Seeds. A relaxing body wrap to nourish and hydrate with extracts of  Aloe Vera, Lemon Essential Oil and Aromatic Mint water follows the treatment. Once enveloped in the wrap your therapist will apply the warm hand made Harmony Sublime stones to sooth and relax.

Mediterranean Dusk-90 mins, £60

A thoroughly pampering body ritual, which commences with a deep exfoliation using Essence of the Mediterranean scrub. Harmony sublime hand made stones are then applied to the  Chakra energy points. The relaxation then continues with the soothing Mediterranean Candlelight massage.

Time Expert C+ Body Envelopment- 60 mins,£60 (Combine with a time expert C+ Facial- 90 mins,£80)

Loaded with Vitamin C, this envelopment provides an extra-ordinary regenerating effect on the body, stimulating collagen production, improving firmness and suppleness. Your treatment commences with a body polish rich in vitamin C, lemon&papaya concentrate, and continues with a relaxing massage as the vitamin wrap is gently applied to the body.