B-Calm SOS Intensive Care Facial Serum

  • £68.85

B-Calm SOS Intensive Care Facial Serum

This intensive serum contains our exclusive ingredient 'Skinbiome Repair' to immediately relieves symptoms of extreme sensitivity whilst strengthening the skin's barrier to prevent it reoccurring. Within a few days, the balm will regulate and balance the mechanisms involved in reddening and irritation.

B-Calm SOS Intensive Care Facial Serum can be used at any time as an emergency cure when the skin flares up or to treat long term sensitivity.

Main Benefits:

  • Immediately relieves soreness
  • Reduces adverse reactions. 
  • In just a few days, the balm regulates the mechanisms involved in reddening and irritation. 
  • The skin recovers uniformity, smoothness and calmness 

What are Dermocosmetics

Where cosmetics and dermatology meet. In order to qualify for this status, products must contain active ingredients that have been clinically tested against a specific skin concern. Products must provide an in-depth action on all three layers of the skin to ensure the optimal correcting action.

Proven Results

In less than 2 minutes it soothes the sensation of pruritus and stinging*
94% noticed less sensitivity**
91% noticed a reduction in redness and irritation after 4 weeks.**

* Clinical test on the control of time in the soothing action of SOS INTENSIVE CARE – FACIAL BALM with Stinging Test measurements carried out on 20 volunteers.

** Percentage of satisfaction in clinical test on 90 volunteers after using the SOS INTENSIVE CARE – FACIAL BALM for 4 weeks.


What is Skin Microbiota?

We are covered in germs, both externally and internally. In our body, there are more germs than cells. More than a million microorganisms of at least 100 different species colonise every square centimetre of skin. They live in perfect symbiosis, they communicate with us using our own immune system, and they help develop it. This group of microorganisms is known by the name skin microbiota.

These micro-organisms can be classified into two groups:

  • Resident - they have the capacity to multiply, they are not harmful, indeed they can be beneficial.
  • Undesirable - these adhere to the skin from the environment, they can generate disorders and are not healthy at all.

Having the right balance of microbiota is important, it works to protect the skin acting as a physical and chemical barrier and prevents inflammation, infection and allergies.

How to use

Morning & evening, gently massage a small amount into the face, neck and décolletage. Avoid the eye area.

Alternatively, apply directly to the local area of sensitivity when the skin flares up.

Tip: Your serum should be applied before your moisturiser.