Cellu-Dren Complex (30 sachets)

Cellu-Dren Complex (30 sachets)

  • £62.00

Cellu-Dren is a Micro-nutrition drink that helps with liquid drainage and fat degradation to improve the appearance of cellulite. An ideal complement for anti-cellulite cosmetic treatments. 

Key active ingredients:

  • Guarana – contains caffeine which helps the body to eliminate and drain fluids.
  • Mate Leaf – with a lipolytic activity
  • Horsetail – assists the draining effect and is excellent to help any slimming programme

One Client reports:

"I just wanted to thank you for this amazing product. I started this product nearly a week ago and I’m amazed by the results my starting weight was 9st 4lb, I am now just under 9st.

The best bit is the inches I’ve lost I’ve gone from a 37.1” abdomen and love handles down to 34” in less than a week.

I cannot recommend this product enough I tested this product to the max, I didn’t diet or even eat the slightest bit healthy so imagine what’s possible when I do. Can’t wait to see results in the next three weeks then have the universal contour wrap to help tighten any loose skin and boost more inches, the energy and confidence this has given me is amazing."