Polished London Teeth Whitening

About Polished London Teeth Whitening

The story of Polished London starts in 2013 when founder and owner Debbie was practising as Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Specialist in Harley Street, London.

During her time here, Debbie discovered that her clients sought an effective product they could use at home in order to prolong the longevity of their freshly whitened teeth.

Despite vast research, Debbie struggled to find any safe, non-peroxide teeth whitening products that worked and complied with strict EU regulations, let alone anything she actually really liked.

This is where Debbie decided to look at creating her own teeth whitening range under the Polished London brand name.

Following years of researching different cosmetic dental products, working closely with a Harley Street dental professor and a team of UK based dentists, Debbie finally developed the safe, effective, non-peroxide whitening formula she was after.

Polished London launched in 2015 with their first-generation teeth whitening strips, followed by the much-loved teeth whitening powder shortly afterwards. These two products grew in popularity, making a big impact in the market and helped in building an ever-expanding customer base.

Today the Polished London Whitening Formula uses advanced ingredients such as PAP technology. This is the most advanced non-peroxide ingredient in the dentistry market. It has been specifically designed to remove both surface and internal stains to give longer lasting results without causing harm or sensitivity to the teeth.

In addition to utilising the most advanced home whitening technology, Debbie and her team have ensured that every single one of Polished London’s teeth whitening are lovingly cruelty free having not been tested on animals and are also vegan friendly.

Polished London now offer a range of teeth whitening products. In addition to whitening powder and strips, there are two types of mouthwash, including the award winning Aloewhite, and the non-peroxide LED teeth whitening kit. With more products due to be launched in the near future, Polished London continue to pave the way in providing truly effective and affordable teeth whitening solutions for you to use in the comfort of your home.

Not one to rest on the success of her teeth whitening products, Debbie has utilised her vast knowledge of the beauty industry to create a stunning new beauty range: Femme Beauty by Polished London. Get ready to become the Goddess of Glow with two stunning skin products: Femme Lumi Glo; a silky lightweight body gel illuminator and Femme Lumi Mist; a lightweight hydrating face and body spray illuminator. Both have been specially designed and developed to help you take your look to the next level.

Polished London’s products have certainly attracted their fair share of attention having featured all over the media both nationally and internationally. This includes publications such as Hello! Cosmopolitan, Glamour, The Independent, The Daily Mail and ITV’s This Morning programme in the UK alone.

Although the story you’re reading is nearing its end, the full story of Polished London is only just beginning: The team are constantly working on bringing new and innovative products to market that people love and everyone involved works tirelessly to keep up to date with the latest technology and trends in the cosmetic beauty market so that you can continue to benefit from our passion for perfection.

Join us and experience Polished London’s products for yourself today.