Full Lashes (8ml)

Full Lashes (8ml)

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Full Lashes is a densifying booster for eyelashes and eyebrows. It works directly from the root, stimulating the hair production, working to both boost the length and also to increase the strength and thickness of eyelashes and eyebrows.

Benefits of Full Lashes

  • Improves the appearance of thin and sparse lashes and eyebrows
  • Continued use ensures longer, stronger and fuller lashes
  • Eyebrows will have a healthier, denser and thicker appearance

How does Full Lashes work?

Full Lashes is a densifying booster gel. The innovation lies in its formula, which combines the synergistic action of:

  • Matrikine Lash: Increases the proliferation and differentiation of keratinocytes, which generates the formation of hair fibre and stimulates hair growth. Increases the synthesis of adhesion proteins (collagen IV and laminin-5), which reinforces the union between the dermis and the epithelial sheath, thus optimising the anchorage of lashes and eyebrows.
  • Panthenol (provitamin B5) which repairs damaged hair fibres. It has a powerful hydrating action that favours the nourishment and reinforcement of the hair sheath and shaft, which improves their resistance.
Eyelashes Appear:
Longer 43%*
Thicker 75%**
Stronger 100%**
Eyebrows Appear:  
Denser, Thicker & Healthier 67%*
*Effectiveness testing on 36 individuals during 60 days
**Effectiveness testing on 20 individuals during 30 days

Full Lashes is recommended for:

  •  Short and/or sparse lashes
  •  Sparse or thin eyebrows
  •  Loss of lashes in makeup removal
  •  Medical treatments that provoke the loss of eyebrows and lashes
  •  Periods of severe stress
  •  After giving birth