The Serum (50ml)

The Serum (50ml)

  • £170.00

The Serum, a true elixir of youthfulness for facial skin carefully created from valuable and powerful anti-ageing ingredients that together, with its luxurious texture and an exquisite fragrance, provides the skin with the ultimate sensorial product.

The Serum is a concentrated treatment of superior quality enriched with an original bio-technological ingredient, Longevity-Guard, capable of stimulating the protein of longevity in facial skin.

  • Longevity-Guard an exclusive ingredient created by the laboratories of Germaine de Capuccini, which stimulates the proteins required to delay and correct signs of ageing  providing longevity to the cells.  By prolonging the life of these cells it reactivates the group of functions of the skin to regenerate, re-build and recover whilst maintaining a protective element against UV radiation.
  • L.P.A – an active phospholipid which works like a personal trainer to the skin, increasing its potential to develop a dense, cohesive, healthy and refined texture to the epidermis.  Reducing the size of open pores, repairing the skin’s natural defence barrier, infact, tuning up the epidermal cellular life working from the deepest level of the epidermis up to the surface.
  • Micro-Collagen - a peptide that initiates the synthesis of collagen
  • Hyaluronic Acid – a true and deep skin hydrator
  • Vitamin C – one of skincare’s finest vitamins
  • Biotechnological anti-ageing vitamin - based on Retinol, delivered safely without any irritation through an encapsulated method
  • Multi-lamellar complex with ceramides - activating, protecting and repairing natural hydration systems
  • Micro-Sponges - loaded with ceramides

With the continued application of The Serum, the appearance of the skin changes spectacularly, fine lines, wrinkles and pores are reduced, the skin is illuminated and  rejuvenated - to sum up, it recovers its youthful appearance becoming immune to ageing.