Perfect Forms Up & Tone Arms (100ml)

Perfect Forms Up & Tone Arms (100ml)

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A specific product to help you firm and tone the upper arm area and get rid of those unsightly ‘bingo wings’.

Up & Tone Arms is a product for use at home, it has been created to work alongside a professional treatment available within many of our spas and salons. The innovative cream has a soft texture and works on localised flaccidity on the inner part of the arm.  

Formulated with a duo of exceptional ingredients:

  • Organic Silicon – crucial for the existence of collagen and elastin fibres and helps to construct the formation of the connective tissue.  With this ingredient the cream works on collagen and elastin fibres which have degenerated over time, but also produces new fibres of good quality.
  • Plankton Extract – This powerful ingredient imitates the effect of physical resistance exercise to improve the tone and re-model the shape and silhouette of the inner arm area.