Semi Permanent Make-up

Semi-Permanent Make-up with its advanced new techniques and procedures will enhance your natural beauty and give your features shape and definition without ever having to visit a make-up bag. The procedure is completely safe and effective. After just one procedure you can have stunning smudge free make-up that will last for several years.

Eyeliner Top & Bottom £400 +
Eyeliner Top only £300
Lip Liner with Blush £300
Lip liner and full lip colour £400
Eyebrows £300
3d Areola reconstruction Starting from £150 per areola


Body Piercing

All piercing is carried out in a total sterile environment. All needles are disposed of after use. Titanium jewellery is used in all piercing as this is a nickel free material. All piercing jewellery is recommended to be kept in place for the first 8 weeks of healing. All customers have to show ID. So please do not be offended when asked for it. All piercing carried out on customers under 16 will have to have a parent or guardian present.

 Ear Piercing £20
 Tragus £20
 Rook £20
 Eyebrow  £25
 Nose  £20
 Lip £30
 Nipple 18+  £30
 Tongue 18+ £35
 Navel  £35



Booking Treatments:

It has never been easier to book your appointments at The Nu-U Salon. Simply use the link below or get in touch if you have any queries.