Holistic Therapies


Hopi Ear Candling - 
30 mins, £20
This was an ancient Indian Relaxation Ceremony. It calms the mind soothes the head and ears. This treatment will soothe earache, ear noise, stress and nervousness. It can clear sinus problems by 80% in the first treatment. Brilliant for de-stressing a busy mind. Let yourself relax and unwind.

Reflexology - 50 mins, £25
By working on particular points on the feet, energy can be stimulated by a reflex action in a related muscle or organ and so encourages healing in that area of the body. A truly relaxing treatment.

Indian Head Massage - 45 mins, £25
Using specialised ancient movements over the shoulders, neck, head and face, to help promote relaxation, relieve stress and awaken your senses.