Continuous Defence Youthfulness Cream (50ml)

Continuous Defence Youthfulness Cream (50ml)

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An excellent cream to use morning and night to delay and correct the early signs of ageing.  Perfect for those aged 25 and over.

The Excel O2  range is known as Germaine de Capuccini’s ‘Intelligent Range’, as it uses an advanced complex consisting of biologically active multi-functional cytokines that work in an intelligent and personalised way – adapting to the needs of each person’s skin,  re-establishing ‘cellular communication’, and of revolutionary lipid nano-structures that help the cytokines penetrate through the layers of the skin whilst also protecting the skin against external aggressions.

Key Ingredients

  • MPC-Defence Complex: stimulates the skin’s natural cytokines. The function of cytokines is to detect problems, then alert the cells to correct them. At adolescence their effectiveness starts to decrease and the ageing process begins.
  • Life-Cytoxygen: Contains encapsulated oxygen to safely penetrate the skin and deposit more oxygen. This provides radiance, vitality and rejuvenation.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: an absolute essential ingredient in a good anti-ageing product to regulate the hydration levels.

Proven Results

In just one month of application*:
The skin tone appears luminous and unified 86.7%
The skin recovers a more youthful appearance 71.1 %
* Test carried out on 45 individuals between 25 and 58 years of age.