Illuminating Clarifying Toner (200ml)

Illuminating Clarifying Toner (200ml)

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With the passing of time, the skin is exposed to repeated sun exposure, pollution, daily stress etc., and as a consequence, the skin can suffer with an increase of melanin production, the skin tone becomes less uniform, it loses its luminosity and dark spots appear.

Germaine de Capuccini launches the new Illuminating Clarifying Toner, which provides the skin with a uniform and luminous tone.  This product has superb anti-oxidising power which works to improve the appearance of irregularities and restore luminosity to the skin.

Ingredients include:

Wheat Bran Extract which is able to work on the first stages of melanogenesis, so preventing the appearance of dark spots in the first instance.

Fermented Rice Water with a powerful anti-oxidising capacity, with Vitamins B1, C, E, A as well as minerals that work to reduce the size of open pores as well as clarifying the skin.  Skin density is improved and it also offers a powerful hydrating effect, leaving the skin healthy and with a restored vitality.

Alcohol Free