Purexpert Natural Perfection Hydro-Mattifying Tinted Cream
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Purexpert Natural Perfection Hydro-Mattifying Tinted Cream

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Hydrates, protects and illuminates normal and oily skin

With an oil-free formula, this hydrating cream is enriched with mineral pigments to provide a light, natural coverage. The appearance of spots, pores and oily patches are reduced leaving the skin with an even and matt complexion. Suitable for oily, combination or normal skin types. 

Its formula, enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, maintains the natural hydration of the skin which, irrespective of the skin’s oiliness is an important action to balance and correct the skin.  It is important to hydrate oily skin without increasing the level of oil, – hence this product is OIL FREE, so it will control excess sebum and provide the skin with a pleasant sensation of comfort and purity.

Applied on the skin, the Hyaluronic Acid of high molecular weight forms a non-occlusive film and regulates water perspiration and loss. Natural Perfection works to maintain the moisture within the skin, and the film protects the skin against external environmental aggressions that could damage the lipidic barrier.

The formula is enriched with milk proteins which help protect the skin cells against environmental aggressions such as sudden temperature changes, UV radiation and allow the skin’s natural defence mechanisms to work more efficiently.

A Bio-Active Complex works to soothe and correct skin irritation, and the inclusion of Liquorice Derivative reduces any inflammation produced by UV radiation.

Skin tone is unified with the tinted cream with natural mineral pigments and ultra-absorbent ingredients to provide a matt appearance and a touch of natural colour for instantly perfect skin.


  • Light texture and coverage
  • Hydrates and provides instant luminosity
  • Unifies with a touch of natural colour to achieve a perfect uniform skin
  • Anti-shine for a matt appearance – no shiny spots!
  • Soothes and relaxes the skin
  • It’s colour blends perfectly with any skin tone

Tests Show:

  • The colour is suitable for my skin tone – 94%
  • The skin has a healthy, matt appearance – 100%