Purexpert Roll-On-Spot S.O.S (15ml)

Purexpert Roll-On-Spot S.O.S (15ml)

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This intensive gel is designed to minimise spots within 24-48 hours. Based on a powerful cocktail of ingredients that help to reduce the volume and redness of the spot, reduce the production of excess oil and help to improve scarring. Its roll-on applicator provides a more hygienic application maximising the effects and keeping the area clean.

The Benefits

  • Reduces of the volume of the spot
  • Reduces the redness of the spot
  • Regulates the production of excess oil
  • Exfoliates the skin’s surface to clean the pore
  • Skin regains a healthier and purer appearance

Key Ingredients

Alpha Hydroxy Acids: regulate the production of  sebum.
Salicylic Acid: prevents the blocking of pores and minimises the appearance of imperfections.
Oleanolic Acid: purifies the skin and reduces scarring.
Allantoin: anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.