Timexpert Lift  (IN) Recontouring V Shape Chin Tissue Mask

Timexpert Lift (IN) Recontouring V Shape Chin Tissue Mask

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Especially for the neck & chin

An anti-flaccidity mask to lift, firm and redefine the chin and neck area.

This innovative anti-flaccidity mask contains active ingredients that work to lift and firm the neck and chin area. In just 15 minutes it tautens, hydrates, rejuvenates and recovers the contours of the chin. Its non-woven fabric material allows a perfect fit on the chin area.

Key ingredients

  • Antioxidising Edelweiss Flower Extract neutralises the oxidative stress originated by environmental aggression to recover the skin of the neck
  • Purified Oligosaccharides stimulate synthesis of the fibres of the dermis to restore the skin’s suppleness.
  • Two Natural Biopolymers create a dense, tight mesh that works like a second skin and has an immediate tautening effect.

Proven Results

  • 83% noticed an immediate lifting effect
  • 84% noticed a more defined area
  • 96% noticed firmer and more supple skin

Self-evaluation tests on 89 volunteers aged between 37 and 71

Recommended for

Anyone who feels their neck or chin is starting to show signs of ageing, sagging or loosing definition.

Maximise Results

For maximum results apply a small amount of Timexpert lift (IN) Neck firming Cream 

to the neck and chin before the mask

Germaine de Capuccini

How to use

Take the mask out of the sachet and place the side openings over the ears and adapt the mask to the area of the chin.

Leave in place for 15 – 20 minutes and remove

Massage in any remaining product until fully absorbed.

For maximum results apply a small amount of the Timexpert Lift (IN) Neck Firming Cream before the mask.