Timexpert Rides X.CEL Retinage Filler Serum (50ml)

Timexpert Rides X.CEL Retinage Filler Serum (50ml)

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Our exclusive Retinol Bio RDS complex safely delivers a slow release of retinol into the dermis and epidermis. This unique slow release technology allows Retinage Filler to work for hours after application, renewing the cells and stimulating natural collagen production. Wrinkles are filled in from the inside out.

Pure Retinol Bio RDS

Developed in our laboratories, Pure Retinol Bio RDS is the most advanced encapsulation technology of Retinol. It multiplies the effectiveness of pure retinol  by 260% whilst being completely safe. Providing maximum effectiveness and optimal tolerance. The pure retinol is encapsulated in micro-particles – small enough to penetrate the epidermis and dermis. Made from plant origin, these micro particles are biodegradable allowing the skin enzymes  to break them down slowly, releasing the retinol in a controlled and progressive manner.

  • The effects of the retinol work for hours after the serum has been applied
  • The slow release of retinol means that it causes no adverse affects
  • Suitable for the most sensitive skin
  • Bioactivity multiplied by 260% in comparison to free retinol

Benefits of Retinage Filler

  • In the epidermis Pure Retinol Bio RDS gives the skin maximum cellular renewal, increases the thickness of the epidermis and balances skin dryness.
  • In the dermis Pure Retinol Bio RDS stimulates collagen synthesis in the fibroblasts, which provides the skin with more firmness.
  • Hydrogenated Retinol increases the natural production of hyaluronic acid in the dermis. This increases the tissue’s volume creating a push up effect that plumps out wrinkles from inside.
  • Pro-Collagestine Technology (exclusive to Germaine de Capuccini) boosts the skin’s natural collagen and elastin production.

Proven Results

In just one month of application*:
71% claim the skin recovers density & firmness
98% claim to have smoother and more supple skin
96% claim skin feels immediately hydrated
80% claim skin is significantly more luminous
*Self evaluation tests on 31 women.

Recommended for

  • Deep lines & wrinkles
  • Those aged 40
  • Suitable for sensitive skin