A stunning range of therapies suitable for those undergoing treatment for Cancer.

Our range of wellness therapies are designed to help restore and soother the mind, body and soul post illness and surgery, often providing a much needed physical touch to restore an emotional equilibrium. 

The range of therapies can be adapted with a specific touch therapy method suitable for cancer patients and after intensive medication. Innovative products and ingredients target skin related side effects caused by chemotherapy, radiation treatments and other strong medication



Rose & Honey Harmony Facial

Soothing stressed & sensitive skin

Soothing pure Rose Hip Oil, known for its healing properties, is combined with our de-stressing Royal Jelly Elixir to revitalise dull tone whist helping the skin regain its natural immunity against daily aggression. Your facial is complete with our 5 rose petal mask which soothes skin prone to sensitivity brought on by emotional and physical stress from medication. A luxurious gentle touch and healing massage with Obsidian and Onyx stones will help to restore peace to the mind and soul.

This facial is designed to help alleviate symptoms of dry, flaky and sensitive skin.


Calming Hand, Foot & Scalp Therapy

Intense nourishment & hydration

Chemical treatments can cause extreme dryness on hands and feet whilst stimulating hair loss. This therapy is designed to counteract these problems.

This therapy begins with a gentle exfoliation on the hands, feet and nail beds, without the use of water baths to help maintain a healthy PH level. A deeply and hydrating mask is then applied to relieve extreme dryness and dehydration. Finally, completely relax and unwind with our revitalising scalp massage - using Baobab hair oil to revitalise the hair and sooth the scalp.


Phytocare Baobab Body Ritual

Full body exfoliation, Body & scalp massage with Baobab Oil

This ritual begins with a gentle full body exfoliation using Baobab Seed Shells to remove dead cells. A soothing lymphatic massage with Baobab oil will then provide the skin with anti-inflammatory, nourishing, and hydrating benefits. To complete your totally stress-reducing experience, our relaxing Baobab Scalp Therapy will help to revitalise the hair and sooth the scalp.

 This relaxing and indulgent ritual uses ethically sourced, organic Baobab oil packed with antioxidants, vitamins and omegas to nourish and protect the skin.


Aloe & Mint Cooling Body Therapy

Light touch body & scalp massage

This gentle therapy combines the power of semi-precious stones to restore harmony to the mind, with a gentle cooling massage to sooth the body.


Your light touch massage uses products rich in Aloe Vera to deeply hydrate the skin, Lemon Oil to purify and Mint to refresh the body. Additional Rose Hip Oil soothes, nourishes and reduces irritation. Your therapy is completed with a de-stressing scalp pressure massage to aid relaxation. Ideal after Radiation therapy.
All these are a must try treatment as everyone can be doing with wellness in there life.


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